Glass Brick Walls

Glass Brick Walls

Glass Brick Walls

Glass Brick Walls

A glass block wall is a excellent way to divide up a room without having shutting out light. Although it can not be load bearing, it is a sturdy framework thanks to the steel rods that we are going to position in the mortar. You can also use this method to use glass blocks to make a shower cubicle. Bear in mind – don’t develop much more than 6 programs substantial without leaving the mortar to dry, as it could collapse.

Start off off by developing a wood body – use timber the same width as the blocks you are using. Resolve the frame to the wanted location checking out for cables and pipes prior to you start. Subsequent, you want to nail white expansion foam to the body – this permits for a tiny quantity of motion to permit for temperature changes. Next you want to place spacers inside of the frame, on the floor of the wooden frame cautiously calculated out. You can now start to butter your glass blocks with mortar, and push them into the gaps in between the spacers.

Be careful not to get mortar on the surfaces, as it will not arrive off if it dries. Wipe with a damp sponge straight absent if you get it on the faces. After carrying out every row, verify it is degree making use of a spirit level. Now lay mortar across the best of the row, and fit the metal reinforcing rods alongside the best of the row, screwing into the wall plate. Each two rows, you ought to cut a gap in the foam towards the wall, and implement a wall tie.

Once all the blocks are in location, you can eliminate the spacers. You ought to depart the mortar to dry, and then grout the joints, again being cautious to eliminate any that gets on the block faces. Use a grout shaper to easy the grout, and use silicone sealant if the junctions want to be water-resistant. To complete off you can paint the wood body.

The alternative to this method is called the dry technique. It makes use of a lumber frame, which is assembled at the exact same time as you lay the blocks. The sections of the body can be built up as you lay blocks, and every row sits on a rebated wood strip with short vertical strips working up the sides of the block. The rebates in the strip cease the blocks falling out, and the frame is held collectively by clips and brackets.

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