Accordion Style Room Dividers

Accordion Style Room Dividers

Accordion Style Room Dividers

Accordion Style Room Dividers

Décor is arguably the most difficult factor to find for your home. Couches, beds and shelves of training course play into your style scheme, but their practicality helps make them requirement purchases. Following about a 12 months in a new home (or probably a lot longer) you will probably discover yourself with all the requirements, but nonetheless feeling that there are items missing – the lacking piece is décor.

Now, décor is much more than just paintings on the wall, décor can stretch as significantly as sculptures, fountains, area dividers and significantly more. In this post we will discover the planet of room dividers and how they can work as a vital piece in your home’s décor.

Let us commence with the functional purposes of space dividers and where they can be employed:


Possibly the most apparent location to use a space divider is in the home. Excellent areas and makes use of for a area divider consist of

• To portion off a non-public reading through chair
• To split a space shared by two siblings
• To area off a part of a area (this kind of as a fireplace) that isn’t child friendly
• To disguise a significantly less than tidy area of the space (say a mangle of cords behind the t.v.)
• and so significantly much more

Social Gathering Configurations

This contains locations this kind of as churches, colleges, huge conference rooms and anyplace neighborhood community forums or meet up with-ups are held. A straightforward space divider is an inexpensive way to permit for several makes use of of one particular room this sort of as two Sunday school courses or two games of pinochle at the senior middle.


Obviously a area separator isn’t really going to fit into your carry-on luggage, but it can be extremely useful for traveling bands, modeling shows and sporting groups to give folks privacy while changing, talking on the telephone or if an individual just wants some by yourself time.
So now we know all the great locations and way to use a space divider, but we should also dive into the specifics to search for when making a buy.


There is a extensive assortment of dimensions available to you whilst shopping for a space divider. Measure the location in which you are preparing on placing the divider and make certain that you purchase one particular longer than the designated room, since they typically stand by bending at the hinges, accordion style. Keep in mind that not all dividers reach all the way to the floor leaving an area at the base that folks can see by means of.


This is really in which a room divider becomes a piece of décor in your residence (or any other place). Dividers are accessible in a assortment of stunning patterns and themes that pull from a variety of cultures, time durations and creative styles. It requires just a rapid lookup on the internet to discover the perfect type for your wants, from contemporary, to Victorian to Asian themes.

Area dividers are a wonderful décor piece that allows you to give a unique personality to a area but nevertheless have useful uses all around the home.


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